Some will say change is good. Others might contend it’s relative. If you are considering renting or purchasing a vacation home in the Palm Springs Valley, you will also want to consider the following.

Vacation rental laws in the desert resort communities of Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Indian Wells have been changing this year and continue to be a point of contention among many.

Subsequent to resident complaints about rowdy and raucous behavior in rental homes, the Palm Springs City Council recently approved various changes, including the increase of the minimum age for renting a home from 18-25. It also amended the minimum rental period from 3-7 days. Fearing a negative impact on real estate values, some residents hope that number will increase to 30.

This summer, a change to Rancho Mirage’s short-term vacation rental ordinance now requires one occupant to be at least 30 years old and “legally responsible”. This means that he or she would be subject to fines, should laws be broken by any occupant. One disgruntled vacation rental homeowner filed a civil rights lawsuit in Riverside County Superior Court, claiming that such a restriction would cause him to suffer a financial loss. The lawsuit was dismissed but may be appealed.

In Indian Wells, the current minimum rental period is 7 days. Some residents have threatened to file suit, should the city continue to allow vacation rentals for less than 30 days. In response to resident complaints about “party homes”, Indian Wells City Council is looking to impose stiffer fines on raucousness.

To every coin there are two sides. How long these desert vacation rental law changes will remain in effect is a toss-up. On which side do you stand? Many find themselves teetering on the fence!