Known for its mid-century modernism, renowned golf and tennis tournaments, popular music festivals and world-class shopping, the Coachella Valley is poised to also offer its residents and visitors a 50-mile recreation corridor along the Whitewater River that connects its desert cities.


“CV Link” recently received a $10.9 million grant – the largest amount awarded to 126 California projects to be funded with $183 million. So far, 3/4 of the funding needed for this $99.3 million project has been collected.


A cross-valley path for low-speed electric vehicles, bicyclists, runners and pedestrians, could have multiple benefits for our “green”, active community. Not only might it attract new businesses, redevelopment, and tourists, but it would surely have a positive impact on public health and safety, the environment, and our region’s infrastructure. Construction is not slated to begin until 2017, but interest is already running high!